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 Glass counters and glass showcase description
We can offer a great range of glass counters and glass showcases.  These products are a great tecdhnique used to display items and some have cabinets for extra storage on the shop floor.  Both glass counters and glass showcases come in varying sizes.
Our glass counters come in varying width from 1000mm, 1250mm and 1500mm for the display units and the corner display units are 810mm.  We can offer 1/3, 2/3 and full glass counters.  The 1/3 and 2/3 counters also come with a lockable base unit giving you that extra storage on your shop floor.
Our glass showcases again come in varying sizes and are 3/4 of full glass.  The 3/4 showcases also have a lockable cabinet to allow extra storage on the shop floor.

If you have any glass counter or glass showcase queries please call us free on 0800 270 7615 where we will be happy to help

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